Thursday, 26 November 2015

Highlights 5 cars Go-Green at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2015

No country is more influential than California when we discuss car electrical engineering, and at the Los Angeles Auto show is the place where we can have a look the car plug-in EV and other alternative cars. At the Los Angeles Auto show 2015 offers the same concept and the car has a fuel-efficient and new directions in the automotive industry. This year is special for a number of reasons, starting with the Volkswagen Group which has begun abandon diesel and berali to poertrain batery-electric. While Honda has also been ready to show the world that they too will leave the gasoline fuel and leads to the peroduksi of hydrogen-fueled cars. The following 5 car green car in the highlight of the Los Angeles auto show 2015

  • The Audi e-tron quatro 
The Audi e-tron quatro
Audi e-tron Quatro Concept banyak dipertimbangkan orang setelah didebutkan di North America. Sebuah mobil Luxuary SUV dengan torsi 590 lb-ft dan bisa meraih jarak tempuh sejauh 310 mil, sepertinya mobil ini akan mampu bersaing dengan Tesla Model X.

Tetapi mobil ini tidak akan diproduksi hingga tahun 2018, tetapi Audi kemungkinan pihak Audi akan menyukai membicarakan hal ini dari pada membicarakan tentang mesin diesel, Audi mengatakan kepada pihak jurnalis di LA auto show bahwa 25 persen penjualan mobil di Amerika adalah mobil eletrik di tahun 2015.

  • Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 2016
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 2016
Honda also concentrate with eletric car-based and unique go-green than the other car companies. With respect to planning plug-in hybrid cars that reach out to a distance of 400 miles, the Honda Clarity fuel cell car this will be used as model year 2016 and will be marketed in America in 2017. A car with a dark red color and nose high this who told me that the car go green is boring, we can't expect more fuel cell vehicles except Hydrogen station already available everywhere. In conclusion this is a Honda idea ideas very brilliantly.
  • BMW 330e 2016

BMW 330e 2016
BMW has also been ready with electric i3 and i8 supercar for hybrid launched in the streets of America, but with a brand which is a luxuary 330e with plug-in hybrid will open wide the eye of the customer. The car has power of 248 HP and mileage 20 miles in electric mode. This car is the answer from BMW for Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A3 e-tron model plug-ins at URAmerika.dan now can be seen on dealer-BMW dealer in America This car is the answer from BMW for Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A3 e-tron model plug-ins at URAmerika.dan now can be seen on dealer-BMW dealer in America.

  • Toyota Prius 2016
BMW 330e 2016
   This he prius 2016, Los Angeles Auto show is not complete without the presence of a Toyota Prius car which became a favorite in America. The Toyota Prius in the redesign to go-greennya facet with plug-in electric system more go green. And also the different look, depending on the visitors who see it, the Prius looks more sexy.
  • Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport
Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport
In Frankfrut Motor show visitors would have seen firsthand the Volkswagen Golf Sport, GTE hybrid cars are equipped with high-performance features scissor-door. And this is now on display at the Los Angeles Auto show. This car is capable of reaching a distance of 30 miles on eletric mode with power generated i.e. 395HP, this model is more than just the BMW i8 from on e-golf, but this car is the Volkswagen group exhibited models seriously with plug-ins poertrain they make. This car will be able to make people forget what's more diesel cars will be for another automaker.